Photography Hellllllp!

9/25/2014 11:52:00 AM Lexie Dunne 11 Comments

Hi, all!

So I need some help. What with attending NYCC in two weeks, they’re putting together some kind of packet on me with helpful, fancy information in it like who I am (debatable), what I’ve done (apparently writing a book is a thing that is worthy of note), and a picture.

Except…um, I don’t photograph well. The minute I learned how to work a camera, I deliberately placed myself on the other side, which means I have loads of pictures of family and friends, and about 10 pictures of me. And…well, you’ll see the problem.

So here are the candidates I need. My publicist didn’t say it had to be professional (thank God; my senior photos would be kind of embarrassing at this point). She just said it needs to be a solo shot (no cropping out friends) and clear. So I have gone on my phone and gathered a beautiful collection, and I would really appreciate it if you could help me vote.

#1 – A lovely establishing picture of me “helping” my sister with her wedding accessories. Is it my fault that a bracket turned sideways makes a bitchin’ ’stache? I DID NOT THINK SO.
#2 – Obligatory birthday dinner picture. The bib says a lot about me, I feel this could come in handy in the publishing world.
#3 – Really revealing my geek side. Plus, my haircut was really kind of awesome at that point. I need a haircut.

#4 – This one captures the inner soul of the artist through the outward use of really hot sand.

#5 – Authors should develop the necessary ability to squint mysteriously into the horizon and be so metal everybody around them is jealous. I had the best instructor.

#6 – And hooooo do you think you are?


Leave your vote in the comments!

  1. Awesome music I’ve fallen in love with this week: LP – Night Like This, Postmodern Jukebox’s cover of Maps, Pentatonix’s La La Latch
  2. Hullabaloo has reached another stretch goal! Time for tea for EVERYBODY! Just seven days of the campaign left!
  3. SirDef’s AMAZING Carol Danvers art
  4. University of Illinois has created a searchable index of every stain known to humankind and stain removal solutions for each.
  5. CSI info graphic, some great information here for writers.
  6. Frea recapped the pilot episode of Gotham for Nice Girls. I’ll be covering Arrow and the Flash when the seasons start in earnest.
  7. Something really, really cool coming next Thursday!

Stay sexy!


  1. I like 3 and 7

  2. Ditto. 7 first and then 3.

    1. Excellent. That seems to be the consensus. I went with #7. :)

  3. I like 7 and 1

    1. 1 DOES have the mustache, but I went with 7. ;)

  4. The happiness in #7 is infectious. But the side eye in #3 implies "you're in trouble and don't even know it".

    1. Those are definitely two strong points of my personality. But I like infecting people, so I went with 7. ;)

  5. niallmccfanfic9/27/14, 3:08 AM

    Number 3 and 7 are the best. I'll pick 7, then 3

    1. Aw, thanks, Niall! I owe you an email, by the way. ;)

    2. No worries Lexie. Whenevr you're settled in the new place after New York is good by me :-)


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