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Happy Halloween!

For day 2 of my 20 DAYS OF SUPERHERO MADNESS, I am doing yet another giveaway (see the first one here, the second one here, and I'll be picking winners for those on Monday, so stay tuned!). This one is a little different because I have more prizes to give away, and they're not as cool (sorry, I have a limited supply of cool).

So what's the giveaway?

I am giving away 20 postcards. First come, first served. You can see them here with my very enthusiastic model, who's snoring on the bed behind me:

Yeah, the bed is not made. Sorry about that. It's pointless when you have the dog, I promise.
I have a form attached here. I am willing to send these postcards anywhere in the world, but you have to tell me how your address goes if you're not from the US. I also promise that I will not give your information to anybody, and that I WILL NOT SHOW UP ON YOUR DOORSTEP IF YOU DON'T LIKE MY BOOK. You have my word. In fact, if I do that, I fully expect you to have me arrested.

So it's just a postcard?

In my defense, it's a pretty cool postcard. But even cooler than that? My editor handed over 10 digital download codes. So one of theses postcards will have a sticker on it with a free download of SUPERHEROES ANONYMOUS. Which one? Well, I'll fill them out and pick one at random and that person will get a free download. Postcards will be sent out in one week, so I would hurry, if I were you.

Here's the form!

Stay super!

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  1. Gimme all the things, you awesome person :D I'm really looking forward to the book and I love this lead up!


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