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Welcome to my entry in the Meet My Main Character blog hop! I was invited here by the lovely Jack Heckel, author of ONCE UPON A RHYME and HAPPILY NEVER AFTER They’re a couple of amazing gents, and you should go read their blog over at

While Mr. Heckel is trying to figure out who the main character of The Charming Tales is (a daunting prospect: all of the candidates are amazing and likely very opinionated about their main character status), I guess I’ll tell you about mine. Or, rather, I’ll let Naomi Gunn, lead blogger of Crap About Capes, do so.

What Makes a Girl a Hostage?
Posted by Naomi Gunn on June 14, 3:30 pm CST
As far as the media is concerned, Gail Godwin is an enigma.

Hostage Girl isn’t.

Hostage Girl is famous—or perhaps infamous is a better way to put it. Everybody knows Hostage Girl. Don’t stand in line behind her at the bank. If she steps into your car on the ‘L’, you should catch a later train. And whatever you do, do not stand near her during parades or even in public at all if you can avoid it. She’s the first one that supervillains are going to gun for when they show up, and villains don’t exactly care too much about things like collateral damage. I mean, just look what happened with Shock Value last year.

And you know what? Hostage Girl needs to stop it with the denial already. One time was okay—after all, that can happen to anybody, Blaze saves a lot of people around Chicago—twice was a cute coincidence, three times was a little suspect, but now it’s like sixty times, isn’t it? She should just admit they’re dating already. I mean, c’mon! Blaze is a 6’4” green-eyed superhero (what is somebody so tiny doing with somebody so tall, anyway?) and she’s just mysteriously dating a guy who’s the same height? Yeah, right. Suuuuuure you “don’t know” who Blaze really is. You need to get better at lying.

Though I had a chance to interview with Jeremy Collins last year, and he was a little rude. He might obviously be Blaze, but dude was kind of a jerk. I wonder what she sees in him.

What does she do when she’s not being held hostage? I don’t know, I thought she worked in publishing or something? There’s that building in the Loop that’s always getting repaired, so I have to assume that’s where she works. Any hobbies? Besides pissing off every supervillain? All I know is that last week, Miss Godwin totally blew me off when she was on her way to get coffee. I’m starting to wonder why the supervillains want to spend so much time with her. Maybe she and Blaze deserve each other.

Now if only she would return my calls.

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posted by j.collins on aug 1 at 3:30 a.m. cst
that was YOU on the call of war forums??? could’ve mentioned it was for an interview

To keep the hop going, I’m tagging the delightfully horse-crazy Sarah Remy, author of STONEHILL DOWNS to go next in the Main Character blog hop! SARAH REMY writes fiction to keep real life from getting out of hand. She lives in Spokane, Washington, where she shows horses, works at a local elementary school, and rehabs her old house. Find her at

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  1. Hee. I just started reading Sarah Remy's book! Huzzah for (very tenuous) connections!


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