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8/02/2015 12:44:00 PM Lexie Dunne 1 Comments

Hey all!

I've been getting a lot of concerned messages across various platforms, wondering if this person or somebody else stole my cover, and I just want to say that no, my editor and I picked stock art that we thought encapsulated Gail perfectly. Given that it was from one of the most popular stock art sites and we have more superhero stories about women (!!!) coming out, it's bound to be a popular choice.

So definitely not thievery, I promise! These other writers have just as much right to the image as I do considering our various publishing companies paid for it.


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  1. Hi Lexis, I just ordered your two books, so It will be a while before I can read them. I review books for a number of publishers, and they usually keep me pretty busy, but I noticed the cover of Book #2 of your series, and recognized it from a novel titled SIDEKICK, and decided I wanted to read your books too. I post my reviews on my Blog http://pulplair.blogspot.com as well as on Amazon and in a magazine I write for. Visit my Blog sometime. I just wanted to introduce myself. I write a lot of pulp hero stuff, so the super heroes and villains usually attract me too.


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