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So lots to apologize for! Like the fact that it’s been two months of silence on this blog. I mean, I’m fairly active on Twitter so I don’t think anybody thought I was dead. But I got caught up in a project and preparing for writing projects and the blog is the first thing to fall through the cracks every time. I’ve got a couple things coming up in the next few weeks from other authors, so I’ll try not to let this place get too much dead air.

(no promises)

How’s tricks? Did everybody see Ingrid Seymour’s cover reveal on Tuesday? I’m so excited that that series is continuing on. Ingrid’s been a big help to me on my professional author path, so you should all go check out her work and throw some love her way.

General Updates:

If you’ve been following along on Facebook and Twitter, you probably saw that my dog Nikki had the worst summer of her life. Early in June, right as I was prepping to leave a job I’d had for nearly four years, Nikki jumped off my bed and slipped a disc in her neck. We went back and forth on whether she might heal with drugs and rest, but a second MRI proved that she needed a ventral slot surgery. On her way to recovery, we hit a roadblock with some pancreatitis, which sent her straight back into the hospital for another weekend. All in all, it took a huge bite out of my savings and proved to be a very stressful few months between SDCC, starting a new job, and her injuries.

BUT! I’m pleased to say that she’s almost 100% healed and has more energy and playfulness than ever before! Seriously, it’s like we got a new dog. It made us realize that she had probably been hurting for a long time, which is heartbreaking, but now she bounces and prances and pronks all over the living room. Her favorite thing to do is watch me watching my shows while judging me for not playing with her. My favorite thing to do is to confuse her by never calling her by her real name.

Thank you to everybody who sent well-wishes, thoughts, prayers, money, what have you. The last few months have been bleak and depressing, but you were all a light when there was darkness.

Projects I’m working on! 

 They’re code named Tweedle Dee and Tweedle Dumb. Dee’s proving a bit ornerier than I hoped and Dumb is proceeding right along. Aren’t you enjoying how vague these updates are? But there are two of them, with a third in the works, so we’ll see how that goes. I don’t think we’ll see anything else out of Lexie Dunne in 2015, but 2016? Whole new ballgame. Get excited.


Fall TV has started back up again, which is a mixed blessing. I’m trying out some new shows this year, either due to concepts I find fascinating or to people I just generally like. The biggest hit for me right now is Quantico, which is a showcase about how great Priyanka Chopra’s hair looks while she’s on the run. I was telling my friend that it feels like a Shonda show without all of the batshit that usually comes with Shonda (ask me how I feel about Fitz from Scandal! But maybe carve out a few hours so I can rant about how horrible he is). It’s a little overstuffed and appears to be relying on some tropes that I’ve been calling and pointing out to my roommates as we watch together (their advice: never watch TV with a storyteller).

One thing I find interesting is that there’s not the big bully character. Alex Parrish (of the aforementioned Garnier ad) is the top of her class at everything, and I would expect a lot more cops and soldiers who’ve put in their time and are transferring in to be threatened by her. Instead, her biggest rival appears to be Nathalie Vasquez, another woman (who, yes, is transferring in as a cop). The show’s neatly subverted my expectations there. Is it realistic? Hell no, but then nothing on this show really is, so I appreciate them committing to this. Also, I have lots of theories.

Minority Report: I want so much to like you. I really do. I love Vega. But you’re just…not quite there yet.

Blindspot: Ditto.

The Player: I don’t care if it’s a twist or something, fridging the wife character 8 minutes into your show is lazy and overdone and shame on you.

My sister and I are currently in the middle of binge-watching Dark Matter and in addition to being VERY CANADIAN, it is also delightful. It’s like Firefly, but I don’t hate it! Will keep you updated on the antics of the very, very pretty crew. Right now (post episode 5), Two is my favorite, but then, nobody is surprised by that.

So what’s been going on with you, everybody else? Tell me news!

Stay sexy!


Please keep it PG. My mom reads this blog.