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12/08/2015 01:21:00 PM Lexie Dunne 3 Comments

So November is over (I won, by the way, because several of the people in the St. Louis chat room just wouldn’t let me go to bed on November 30th like I wanted to THANKS JEN), and we return to life as usual, which means working, sleeping odd hours, and eating far too many cookies because it’s December. If I were a clever or conscientious writer, I’d probably throw together some handy ‘Holiday Gift Shopping Guide,’ which would seem really clever until you realize it’s just me telling you to buy SUPERHEROES- and SUPERVILLAINS ANONYMOUS for all the special people in your life. For the non-special people in your life, my buddy Bishop O’Connell has a new book out.

Remember, kids: nothing says ‘I love you’ like a cliffhanger ending.

But hey, things are happening and I haven’t been telling you about them because I’m lazy and because I’m working on Super Secret Project #...1? I think? Whichever one Kate Petersen is. Kate’s book is coming along and I hope someday soon to tell you what her real name is.


SO! Happening things:

Tomorrow I’ll be participating in #SFFChat with some of the other Harper Voyager and Harper Voyager UK authors, and that should be a blast, I think. Another St. Louisian and fellow program man, Dan Koboldt, is running that. You should visit this page for more details and to see a  photo where I’m smiling as opposed to one where I look pensive and not at all like I hate being in front of a camera.

THERE ARE SIGNED BOOKS AVAILABLE. Last month, I signed some copies of both of my books at The Book House in St. Louis and you can order those online here: SUPERHEROES / SUPERVILLAINS. (And I totally nabbed a signed copy of Ancillary Justice while I was at it. Fun fact: Ann Leckie is local! And had been in there the day before me to sign it, so if you want a signed book that was totally in the same room as a Hugo-winning author, you should order one of mine)

Bishop’s book is out. That feels important and should get its own note and maybe its own post on Thursday.

It’s Chanukah! Happy Chanukah!

I’m getting another dog! After there’s some space cleared in our apartment, my sister and I will be adopting a friend for Nikki after the holidays. Now that she’s feeling better, she needs a companion to play with while we’re gone all day.

I am going to preemptively announce that I failed the 2015 Reading Challenge. I read a lot this year, but not as many published novels as I wanted to, and since I stopped using Goodreads, I lost a good tracking system. Still, this challenge led me to a lot of good points, some terribly bad points, and finally got me to read Little Women, so it can’t all have been bad. I’m in the middle of The Scorpion Rules right now, which is absolutely delightful.

What is everybody else reading? I’ve got a couple weeks off at the end of the year and want to catch up on my published reading. Rec me stuff!


  1. I regret nothing (especially because this is probably going to be the only year when I can say I officially got to 50k before you).

    1. NEXT YEAR, GADGET. Seriously, though, by the end of the month I felt like those two cats on a leash, where I had to be dragged the whole way while Evanescence played a melancholy song in the background.

  2. Bringing back early 2000s music, nice. Next year, back to the status quo, most likely.


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