HOW TO SAVE THE WORLD Cover Reveal and News!

8/01/2016 10:33:00 AM Lexie Dunne 0 Comments

Hello, all! News:

I just released the cover of HOW TO SAVE THE WORLD on the LexieCon newsletter. It was a fun process to get to this cover; I’m pretty sure my editor only wanted to strangle me a little rather than the usual amount. Thank you to all of my Impulse friends, who got to see and comment on the covers in progress. I really like this one. I like the model, I think she really works for Angélica (the book’s in Gail’s POV, but Angélica gets her moments to shine again), and if anybody’s going to teach Gail to save the world, it’s probably going to be her. Why it’s Gail saving the world, well, you’ll have to read the book to find out.

For two weeks SUPERHEROES ANONYMOUS is going for 99 cents on Amazon. Which is less than even a cup of black coffee, never mind one with all the bells and whistles. So if you want more Gail in the future (and trust me, I do, too), tell all your friends and neighbors and strangers on the street. And maybe consider leaving a review on any of the sites where you can purchase the book. Any bit of word you can spread to help an author out gets you more content, provided I can put down this racing game on my phone long enough to pen my new project.

Starting next Tuesday, I’ll have a semi-regular feature on this blog starring other authors, industry people, and those whom I just find fascinating. I’ll be interviewing people about books, all sorts of subjects, gaming strategies, so on and so forth. This will be a series called Tuesdays with Lexie and I hope to have a lot of great authors, editors, and subject matter experts show up and provide you with bits of brain candy since I’m terrible about keeping up any consistency in blogging.

Soft news: the MM paperback for HOW TO SAVE THE WORLD miiiiiiiiiiight be on shelves right in time for the holiday season, so plan ahead for that.

If you missed it, there’s a synopsis for HOW TO SAVE THE WORLD on the Overview page, too. I’m going to attempt to do a Facebook Live Q&A as the book approaches, so if you have questions, leave them for me in the comments and I’ll answer them with my face. Also probably with Nikki on my lap. I know why you’re all here. I don’t blame you. It’s pretty much the same reason I’m here.

Anyway, I hope your August is a really great one, that you’ve found at least one reason to smile today, and that you have the best week you can possibly have. See you on the other side!

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