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Live from St. Louis, it’s ALEXANDRIA DUNNE!

Yes, indeed, I am back from NY and I had the most marvelous time ever. Four very packed days where I ran from one event to the next (sometimes literally; Caroline Perny is excellent at cutting through a crowd when her author is late to a panel), got to rub elbows with delightfully talented people, and just experienced New York life. I walked through farmer’s markets, went to shows, ate sushi and pizza, and sang the incredibly nerdy song of my people by rushing around New York Comic Con.

If I describe everything in detail (which I will do on Thursday), it will take several thousand words, so I’ll keep it to some highlights because today’s post is all about the newsletter. Yes, that’s right. I am putting out a newsletter. I will INVADE YOUR INBOX WITH MY BEAUTIFUL VOICE. IT WILL BE…TEXTUAL HEALING.

So, before I launch into that, New York highlights:

Turning 30: It was pretty great. I’m 30 now! Guys! Is this when I officially start feeling like an adult?

Sam and I tooootally took the Daily Show by storm, you guys!
 The Daily Show: The guest? JEREMY FREAKING RENNER. Yes, he is even cuter in person. Yes, he is not that big. No, I did not drool, though I did come close. More details on Thursday.

The Food: I had bagels with lox! And lox is delicious even though I feared it a little when Sam made me try it!

My book on the big screen at the HC Bagel Breakfast!!! LOOK AT HER, ISN'T SHE GORGEOUS???

Harper Collins: I went to a margarita party, where I got to meet my editor Rebecca (just as amazing as promised), Bishop O’Connell (alas the kilt did not make an appearance until the following day), the publicity team (they’re rocking a sloth with a jetpack as the logo for the Voyager Impulse line!!! THE SLOTH IS NAMED NOVA), and a few industry professionals. I might have tricked everybody into believing that I am a functioning, literary adult. And then there was a bagel breakfast at the Harper Collins offices, which are grand and beautiful. Highlights: meeting my publicist, seeing Neil Gaiman from afar, seeing Bishop O’Connell fanboy over seeing Neil Gaiman from afar, meeting C.L. Wilson, and chatting with Gordon and Ilona Andrews, who are the soul of delight.

 Matilda: I went hog-wild and treated my sisters and Mom to Matilda at the Shubert on Friday night because it was available through TKTS and I really wanted to see it. The musical did everything justice. For half the show, I was just gaping in awe at the set.

Here I am at the Harper Collins booth with Harry Heckel (part of Jack Heckel) and Bishop O'Connell!
New York Comic Con: A little overwhelming and altogether wonderful. Harper Collins snagged a prime location and had a little area where authors and booth workers could relax and get hydrated, so I spent some time there (I GOT TO MEET HARRY HECKEL, and Bishop O’Connell hates me in the most hilarious way). I had a great time running around, spending far too much money, and you’ll see more about it on Thursday’s massive post.

Meeting Kelly Sue Deconnick: This gets its own section because everybody says Kelly Sue is the nicest person ever, but if anything, they’re playing it down. Kelly Sue was downright phenomenal and supportive and everything promised and if you can ever make it out to one of her events, you SHOULD GO because wow.

Meeting My Agent: I finally got to eat Ramen in New York because Rebecca the Agent took me out to lunch and gave me ice cream and pretty much endeared herself to me as my new favorite person ever. Some exciting things coming up and it was wonderful to get to meet her in person.

Here I am looking suuuuuper professional in my Space Lady Saves Herself T-shirt.
 My Panel: Okay, hooooooooo. Here we go. The reason I was in New York. I was crazy nervous because I’ve been a fan of Brandon Sanderson for a long time and could regularly geek out about his world-building and his dialogue and his take-it-on-the-chin characters, but something amazing happened: I got the crowd to laugh. The panel went by super-fast and we had a good mix of the scholarly (the authors I sat next to) and the irreverent (yours truly). I made a couple of good jokes about learning to use the Force, got the room to cheer when I said my favorite DC villains were Harley Quinn and Poison Ivy, and learned some great things from Sarah Fine, who told me all about the Dark Tetrad. And I may have rushed to grab the seat next to Brandon during the signing because why not?

Check out my handlers back there behind me. They made sure I got places. I felt very loved.
 Anyway, there will be tons more details about EVERYYYYYTHING on Thursday, but for now:


Okay, that’s enough capslock (it’s like the shift key, but not afraid of commitment!), but in reality, my newsletter is going to be a monthly thing, so I promise not to send you 50 emails a week. I want to send you updates about book progress, exciting upcoming events, and maaaaaaybe there might be a newsletter specific giveaway going on that you’ll only be able to access by getting the newsletter.*

But yes, the first issue goes out on October 16th! So sign up, please sign up either on my Facebook page (on the left) or on the sidebar right there or on this post! I’ve already put my mom on the subscriber list and my good buddy Jen’s the first to sign up, but I’d really love to send out this great content to more than two people, you know!

Expect a super long post about Comic Con on Thursday! Until then, see you on the flip side, and stay super!


*If I can figure out everything. Golly gee, being an adult is hard.


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  1. Proud to be your good buddy first subscriber! Heee. Welcome to the 30s! It's nice here. I think I'll stay a while longer...

    1. I am always happy to join you in a new decade. This is 10 years for us, isn't it?

  2. Glad the con went so awesomely for you!

    How does the 25th grab you for doing the interview?


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