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11/13/2014 12:45:00 PM Lexie Dunne 0 Comments

Fun fact about me that I’m sure is in no way at all relevant: I am a procrastinator.

Which is why you’re probably going to see more activity on this blog in the next week than you have all year. Today’s blog post is kind of a round-up. People are starting to talk about SUPERHEROES ANONYMOUS, and one of those is me, so I thought I would do a brief links round-up. Warning, some of these links contain spoilers. If you want to go into the book completely unspoiled, I recommend waiting until you’ve read it!

The wonderful members of the JKL Podcast had me on the show on October 25th, and they took delight in grilling me over choices I’ve made in the book. It’s difficult to discuss SUPERHEROES ANONYMOUS without getting into spoilers, so they split the podcast in two. The first part is relatively spoiler-free (there is, in my opinion, a pretty big spoiler in the first part, just to warn you) and the second part is a free-for-all. But if you want to hear my melodious voice and some really, really cool people with great taste, you should pop over and give this a listen.

Stacey at TheBookAdventures called SUPERHEROES ANONYMOUS “great fun!” I am deeply sad she did not use “super fun,” but she gushes over Gail enough that I’ll forgive her for this gross oversight.

Lexie (cool name!) at Poisoned Rationality, which has the greatest background I’ve seen in a while, liked the book enough to give it four stars. So clearly we both have great taste and great names.

Goodreads folk seem to like it.

iO9 knows I exist. It’s blowing my mind a little. I’ve also never been part of a Quiet Renaissance before, but now I have a name for my Quiet Riot cover band/art appreciation society.

Right now I may or may not be curating something for a website that totally doesn’t rhyme with Muzzweed.

If you’re not following me on Twitter and Tumblr, you probably want to be doing that for reasons. Especially tomorrow. JUST THROWING THAT OUT THERE.

Stay super!


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