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Happy Friday!
Today’s links roundup involves me cheating and sneaking something of a real blog post into what’s normally just a bunch of links. Sorry about that! I just get so excited because I retooled the LexieCon a bit, and I wanted to show it off.

Things have been quiet lately. Part of that was me getting a cold. I don’t get colds often, but when I do, they tend to make me shut down anything nonessential. Also there’s a strong chance I’m lying on the floor moaning, at any given moment. One particularly bad time, I spent every night watching The Sound of Music and coughing in time to the Lonely Goatherd song (not intentionally). Basically what I’m saying here is that I’m a wimp.

In addition to that, my day job has fundamentally changed. I’ve gone from calling my own hours to working a rigid schedule from 7 a.m. (not a morning person) to 3 p.m. On the plus side, getting off work at 3 is amazing. I get so much napping done in the afternoons now! On the negative side, going to bed around 10 p.m. every night makes my rebellious night owl heart weep. But it’s led to strange bouts of productivity, which is why you see before you a new website. It’s a lot less purple!

And I’m still trying to figure out where to put Peaches.

Upcoming and Worthy News I Can Finally Share With You

I am going to be at C2E2! I know I’ve been saying that for months, but I can finally confess what it is I’ll be doing. HC put me on two panels, with two signings afterward.

Gallows Humor: Authors on Making Light During the Darkest Scenes – 4/24, 5:15-6:15
It's the end of the world as you know it. You are racing towards that last battle, heart in your throat and someone cracks a joke. ("Get the Cheese to sickbay!"). You stop to laugh, breathe, relax and breathe for a moment before the tension rachets up and throws you off the literary (not literal!) cliff. Join some of today's top genre fiction as they discuss the art of integrating humor into horrific scenarios and how this device elevates a good book into a great read.
  • I’ll be autographing SUPERHEROES ANONYMOUS at Table 18 after that from 6:15 – 7:00

Reinventing the Hero(ine) – 4/25, 12:15- 1:15
Heroes come in many forms these days, from reluctant superheroes to psychics and beyond. Join Authors Charlaine Harris (Day Shift), Steve Bein (the Fated Blades series), Bailey Cunningham (the Parallel Parks series), Lexie Dunne (Superheroes Anonymous) and Lauren Roy (the Night Owls series) as they discuss the paranormal elements in their action-packed novels that keep their protagonists on their toes and delight and reward readers.
  • I’ll be autographing SUPERHEROES ANONYMOUS at Table 18 after that from 1:30 – 2:30

SUPERHEROES ANONYMOUS is the free e-book download that C2E2 and Nook 4.0 are offering! You can get it for free right here.

I’ll be sending out a newsletter in the next few days with details about everything, but I wanted to let you know there were some really cool things going on.

What’s up with you? Holler at me in the comments!

Stay sexy!


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    1. Truly, you add so many great contributions to this blog. *chinhands*

    2. See if I ever follow your directions again.

    3. Literalism will get you mocked. As we see here.

    4. Down with figurativism!

    5. Max, are you starting some kind of revolution on my blog?

  2. Ok now I have it on every platform. (Although we're not supposed to have Nook over here in Ireland. Don't tell anyone :) )

    Except Kobo. Does Nikki need any treats? :-P

    1. My parents, my vet, and I all say that Nikki does not need any treats.

      Nikki completely disagrees with this sentiment. She would also like more walks.

  3. Ha! No dog has ever turned down another walk :D
    And I love your redesigned website.

    1. She got to the top of our outside steps the other day and just flopped down. It was the laziest thing I have EVER seen. And thank you! I had fun breaking things.


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