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1/25/2016 01:15:00 PM Lexie Dunne 7 Comments

Nikki, sitting in my new office.
Whatever my weekend plans were, I tossed them away. FOR IKEA. That’s right, I braved the void AND I managed to tweet a few times, though I feared my phone would be eaten by the monsters that roam around rearranging furniture and convincing you that no, you DO need seven toilet brushes, you really do—LOOK AT THAT PRICE.

(I may have gotten into a scrum or two. I was armed with an exploding Death Star lamp and some really cute dog butt coat hangers as ranged weaponry, so I held my own, but the woman who foolishly picked the Duderö lamp and a spatula went down first. The fabrics section will never be the same)

This weekend put into motion my new plans. That's right: I want an office with specific storage set aside for writing, rather than my everyday life. I have a desk in my bedroom (when I’m able to excavate it, that is), but for writing purposes it’s counterproductive since it’s right next to a) all of my bookshelves and b) my bed. Usually I take my laptop to coffee shops or the dining room if I’m going to have any hope of being productive. This becomes a problem when my dining room chairs hurt my back. So, since my sister never uses the table and I treat it more like a desk, I made the decision to go ahead and replace it.

The goals: new desk and an ergonomic desk chair since I’ve got a lot of projects this year. It’s a mistake to come home from IKEA, unload the car, and try to put the furniture together right away, and yet somehow I try every time. I opened up the chair, unloaded all the pieces, and realized that no way was this happening tonight, so I left it in the middle of the floor, grabbed my book, and went to bed.

Ulysses G. Gnome & Hermia!
When I woke up, the chair was completely assembled in the middle of my dining room. It was an IKEA miracle!

(or my brother, who crashes at our place on Sundays since he lives an hour from where he works)

Dad came over to help me put together the desk, which was super awesome of him (we only broke two pieces!). I spent the day filling up the drawers and moving around pieces of nerdery to decorate my new professional digs. The thing I’m proudest of was a homemade power charging station out of scavenged materials from my closet, since I am not remotely a DIY person. It sits next to Ulysses G. Gnome, Hermia the Dragon, and this sweet Boston Terrier pencil cup my best friend gave me.

Other weekend adventures included the kickoff to a new D&D campaign my friend Sneaky is running. I ended up as a gnomish cleric named Eilís Eylsmen and you’ll be proud to know I did NOT die. …I just got knocked unconscious. A little bit. I’m told it won’t stick. My goal before the next session is to put together a really bitchin’ backstory. I’ll share it here if I do. I already know there’s an older brother who may or may not be in the picture.

And lastly, the most important weekend adventure was one in which I submitted Guy and Gail to a story generator (think madlibs with plot) and finally came up with the plot for Gail 3, so you can rest easy, knowing I’ve got this completely under control. Or something.

(I still say they’d make a great teenage vampire novel)

TEMPTING THE SUPERHUMAN SUPERHERO should be in stores on the 2nd of Octember. Mark your calendars, it's gonna be a doozy.

Until then: stay sexy!

 PS - Since I don't use Goodreads anymore (I regard it as a place for reviewers, not authors), I've set up a reading log on the LexieCon to keep myself honest. You can see what I'm currently reading either on the log or on a widget on my sidebar. Hovering over book titles will give you a pop up with my thoughts.


  1. You're going to hurt and torment Gail again aren't you? :-P

    1. I don't think that was ever in doubt.

    2. Would I do that???

      (yeah, there was never any doubt, we're going to new lows here, gentlemen)

  2. Replies
    1. Gail's honestly not the one you should be worried about. I mean--wait, what? What's that? LOOK OVER THERE! *points and runs while you're looking*


  3. With the way the second book ended, I was hoping she would try to use her powers for commerce. Kind of like when Marvel's character Nova (Richard Rider) become a courier, but disastrous.

    After several disastrous tries at business ruined by her cataclysmic bad luck and shenanigans from various supers Gail would then realize that hero work is safer for her because at least then she has allies.

    1. That's a great storyline for Nova. :) Not so much for Gail, who has other issues to face.


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