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So it's been like eight months since I updated here, as my sister Grace just pointed out to me. She's actually hanging out in my office with me—not something she usually does—because in the last few months some changes have happened in the Dunne household.

And both of those changes have four legs. One lives in my office under a heatlamp and the other likes to sleep in my office under my feet.

First up, meet Darcy Lewis Dunne, a five-year-old pit bull who once went by the name Goose.

She's a rescue that we brought home in April in hopes of providing some companionship for Nikki. Unlike Cindy, Nikki does not seem to fear her. It's more of....a tolerate. Darcy is happiest when sleeping on or near a human and her love of naps really allows her to fit in around here.

She thinks she's a lap dog
Our newest addition is much more recent. Our cousins are moving to Germany for a couple years and didn't want to take their eight-year-old bearded dragon with them. So now we have...Axel. Who I call Lizard.

How YOU doin'?
Axel has been the source of so much Googling over the past three weeks. Thankfully herp enthusiasts—that's what they call themselves—are plentiful and very helpful to each other online, making it very easy for a first-time owner to panic a little less. Care of Axel has fallen squarely into the hands of my siblings as no way in hell am I touching a superworm. We learned this the hard way when my sister accidentally flung one at me and I screamed.

Sleepy Axel

We've been feeding him worms and carrots and grapes, so he gets a much healthier diet than I do. Plus a lot more sunlight. He makes for a good office buddy; while I write, he skitters about or stares at me in judgment. Which are the two things I think all readers of the Superheroes Anonymous series do, really, so it's nice that he's preparing me.

And of course, there's always this one. Who wants you to know she loves you.

Just kidding. Nikki hates everything.

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  1. Thank you for sharing pictures of your pet family. I especially enjoy Nikki (who I believe is named after my daughter who worked with your Mom in the past). Your Nikki is related to our Seamus (we lost him two years ago ��).
    Love your books & keep the Nikki pictures coming!


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