Friday Links Roundup - 1/9/15

1/09/2015 01:00:00 PM Lexie Dunne 0 Comments

Welcome to the Friday Links Roundup for January 9, 2015. Did you hear about the guy whose whole left side was cut off? He’s all right now.

Trust me, you’re just gonna want to click this one! Don’t trust me? Fine, here’s a taste:

stormtroopers dancing

Jess and Carol selfie with Jess’s new awesome costume! (By Kelslk)

Erowid is a great resource for writers, with hundreds of links to studies and articles about different types of drug & alcohol use. It helped me do some math on how to get Gail drunk.

I want this cloak to complete my transition to Sith Lord.

David J. Peterson is a linguist/language creator that has worked on several Hollywood projects (my favorites being Defiance and The 100), and I just found out that he has a Tumblr where he regularly answers questions put forth by fans about the different languages. How do you say "that's kickass" in Dothraki? He would know!

Skottie Young, one of my faaaaavorite comics artists (his variant covers are amazing and I want 12), has a new comic coming out called I Hate Fairyland. It sounds like a humorous, not-horrifying version of the Tin Drum BUT WITH FAIRY TALES. And did I mention NOT HORRIFYING? #scarredforlife

To help me keep track of books I'm going to read for my 2015 reading challenge, I set up this great pinboard:

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Song of the Week: It's basically been on repeat all week, I am not kidding. I adore this mash-up (it helps that Style is my favorite track from 1989).


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