I'm a Winner

1/12/2015 01:00:00 PM Lexie Dunne 9 Comments


So I was tagged by AFE Smith (you should go read her blog, it’s great) in the Very Best Blogger Awards, which means she likes me, she really likes me! …and the 14 other people she tagged, but who cares about them when we all know this is about me?

Okay, I’m done with the vanity (ignore the fact that this post is really all about me, please). Basically, what this is I list seven interesting facts about me and then I tag some of my blogger friends to do the same and the chain goes on and on until there are literally hundreds of facts in multiples of seven going around. So, without any further ado, here goes:
I know all of the words to Drunk Scotsman and my friend Agnes tries to get me to sing it to groups as often as she can. She has never been successful, though I have been known to sing it to my dog.
(My dog has never been impressed) 
Gail was originally named Kate. Guy was originally Edward. Jeremy was Jamie. And Naomi was Pete. Portia was always Portia, though (her full name is Portia Oleander McPeak). 
I have four hoodies and 75% of them are dark blue and have Austrian cities on the front. 
I cook with a lot of garlic. Seriously, vampires will never be a problem in my apartment. Of course, the first time my dad tried to cook for my mom, he mistook garlic for onions, so maybe this is one of those things that runs in the family. (He’s a great cook now, though) 
My wrists and shoulders all pop A LOT and it scares people. 
In my possession I have 27 scarves (Mom and sisters all knit), but no gloves. I keep losing one or giving them to my sister. This is a problem because as I write this, the weather outside is suffering from traumatic polar vortex flashbacks. 
In fifth grade, I was the second person to memorize and recite the Preamble. To my knowledge, this has never assisted me in any aspect of my life, especially because I probably couldn’t get more than seven words of it right if you asked me to do it now. Am I smarter than a fifth grader? Hell, I’m not even smarter than ME as a fifth grader.
And now, tagging a number of people on various platforms to be randomly decided by a very important variable.*
Stay sexy!

* The variable being “How many I can think of”


  1. It's good to know you're not a vampire. One wonders these things about one's fellow bloggers.

    Also ... Kate. Edward. Huh. Now I'm having weird visions of British Royal Superheroes. With tiaras and vintage lace capes.

    1. I didn't say any other mythical creatures were off the table. **is a dragon, obvs**

      Also British Royal Superheroes might look something like this:


    2. Yes, only he should be wearing a monocle. I just think it would be better.

    3. You mean like this?


    4. YES!!!! That is awesome. Now you really have to write a Superheroes spin-off set in London.

  2. What's really important, besides the 7 interesting facts about yourself, is that I was the first person you thought of! Let be vain and don't tell me if I'm wrong!

    1. You are always the first person I think of, especially when I'm looking for somebody to blame and/or frame. :)

  3. Remind me to whip up some crocheted fingerless mitts for you sometime.

    1. I have a pair of red fingerless gloves that I bought at Petsmart, of all places, but I lack proper winter gloves.


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