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2/23/2016 10:10:00 AM Lexie Dunne 0 Comments


Remember how I was like, so “I’m going to C2E2 but I’m not on any panels?” Turns out I’m a lying liar who LIES and I will be on a panel. So if you want to come to C2E2 on March 20th, I’ll be on the ODE TO SIDEKICKS panel with my friend Kelley Grant. We have already discussed sacrificing the other panelists to avoid being beaten to death with a sock full of nickels1, so it promises to be a cheerful experience.

More details about the panel here.

And YES there will be a signing afterwards! I'll sign any book you like. Doesn't even have to be my own.

I’m going to order more official swag and I intend to get a little more than usual because it’ll be generic about my first two books, which means keep an eye out here, on Twitter, and on my newsletter for a postcard giveaway. 2

I’m on hiatus from Tumblr, which has been the most detrimental to getting Gail 3 done. I left a queue up and I’ll be around on Twitter because that’s a lightweight platform I can check multiple times a day. I’ll likely be peppering in Gail 3 hints because this book, guys, this book might kill me or it might be the most awesome thing ever. There does not appear to be a happy medium, which is fine because Gail is actually a bitter small.

Height jokes, Lexie? Really?


Anyway, I’m super stoked about C2E2, even more than before. And last night I purchased my plane tix for Phoenix Comicon, which takes place June 2-5. 2016 is going to be the year for travel, it looks like. How many of you am I going to see? Let me know!

Until then, stay sexy!

1 Letting me watch Vikings (which, let’s face it, Lagertha exists so we all knew I was going to wind up here anyway) may have been, in some manner, something akin to a mistake.

2 This giveaway will include ACTUAL LIVE EBOOKS. Jazz hands!

PS - Enjoy Angélica’s theme song, it’s my earworm today!


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