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Hey, everybody!

So if you haven’t been on this blog lately, you probably missed that I’m going to crawl out of my very comfortable author cocoon where I do nothing but eat Cheezits, avoid Gail, and watch people walk their dogs by all day. But I’m shedding that cocoon like a beautiful butterfly and heading north to C2E2 NEXT WEEKEND. And going with me? Three copies of SUPERHEROES ANONYMOUS and two copies of SUPERVILLAINS ANONYMOUS, no doubt to be foisted on unsuspecting guests who just wanted to innocently wait in line at Starbucks.

However, I do understand that people can’t always make it to cons, so maybe it’s not fair that I’m giving away physical books while people online don’t get a chance to get something, too. NEVER FEAR, I HAVEN’T FORGOTTEN YOU.1

That’s right! On March 18 at 11:59 PDT I’ll be giving away two FREE e-copies of SUPERHEROES ANONYMOUS, my critically-acclaimed2 debut novel. The rules to enter: click the button. Maybe tell your friends. If you’re not following me on social media, you can do that. Or not. I’m an acquired taste and sometimes I go on really weird tangents.3 If you’ve already bought a copy of my book, first off: thank you! Nikki appreciates that you helped me pay off her three very expensive hospital visits from last summer this week! And secondly: great! Please tell your friends or even complete strangers that look like they might love a charmingly whimsical tale of a woman getting her ass kicked repeatedly.

And stay tuned because I’m making a really cool announcement at C2E2 and of course I’ll tell you all right afterward. Unless I forget or something. Which is a strong possibility because I have manuscript brain.

So go enter my giveaway. FREE EBOOKS, PEOPLE. Don’t everybody go at once, though, because we might break Amazon again.

Talk to you all very soon! Until then, stay sexy!

1 This is a lie. I forget about you all the time, but I really wanted to test Amazon’s new giveaway feature.
2 Acclaimed means they yelled at me about my ending, right?
3 In my defense, the otter deserved it.


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