48 Days to Go!

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Angélica would alert me if anything came up. Since she’d been my trainer and we’d faced death together multiple times, I trusted her.

That didn’t mean she liked to take it easy on me. “I thought you said that would be a one-punch bad guy,” she said as I merged into traffic.

“I mean, he technically was,” I said. “It only took one hit once I got around to it. He wasn’t much of a villain.”

“He knocked you off a building.”

“Everybody gets in a lucky strike once in a while,” I said.

In response, she played my own VOICE back at me, which made me groan. I really had said “ack” when he’d hit me.

Best to let that one go, I decided.
48 days to #Herofail!!!! #50DaysOfFail

Stay sexy!


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