Quotable Thursday (47 Days to Go!)

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Hello, all!

As part of my #50DaysOfFail celebration, I’ll be posting some profiles, easter eggs, etc. On Thursdays, I plan to revisit previous books and out of sheer and complete vanity, list some of my favorite quotes from those books. Warning: they’re usually Gail sassing people. But without further ado, please enjoy these quotes from HOW TO SAVE THE WORLD. Um, spoilers, obviously.
I climbed out of the passenger seat. “Do I have a curfew, Mom?” I asked.
Jessie rolled her eyes. “Do your best not to end up in an inordinate amount of trouble.”
“So a moderate amount is okay, then?”
“Let’s go with ‘expected’ rather than ‘okay.’ Text me when you’re done.”
- Chapter 11

“Yeah, yeah. Give him the money, get the stuff. Deal with it when shit inevitably explodes,” I said.
The team leader gave me a look that said he was very used to dealing with superheroes and that he did not particularly enjoy his job.
Chapter 13

“I got out of Detmer so we could be enemies, Gail. I did that for us.” Raze’s lip quivered. She flipped her visor up to give me a pitiful look.
People made of sterner stuff than me would have crumpled under the pressure of those puppy dog eyes, even though the woman in the alley had personally put me in the hospital seventeen times. I reached out and gripped her shoulder, giving it a reassuring squeeze. “I know, and I’m sorry. Do you want to come over? I’m picking up Chinese.”
She brightened temporarily. “Can I poison it? I’ve got this new formula I’m working on, almost worked out the bugs with the projectile v—”
“Absolutely not,” I said.
- Chapter 1

“I find these files out in the open and you confirm that Mobius has been here, and then almost the same day, this guy decides to ransom Mobius? Did I somehow cause this?”
“Wouldn’t be the first time,” I said.
“You love me, and you know it,” Naomi said.
- Chapter 9

“Some days I’m tempted to become a supervillain just to go back [to Detmer].”
“You’d be terrible at it. For somebody so small, you’re just brimming with really stupid feelings.”
- Chapter 7

I flicked through the magazine I’d brought until I found an article that would make Jeremy grind his teeth were he awake. “Time to wake up, buddy,” I said. “Or you’re going to hear all about what this article on perfecting smoky eye has to say. And trust me, it’s a doozy. I think they paid the writer by the word.”
- Chapter 19

See you tomorrow for the first profile. I bet you’ll never guess who it is!

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